AccessBlade – anti-slip blade

AccessBlade – anti-slip blade to secure your wet floors (wooden terrace, stone pathways, wooden access ramps)

Anti-slip blade


AccessBlade is an anti-slip solution for outdoor grounds. Pedestrians can walk safely on wet grounds thanks to AccessBlade.

It can be installed and uninstalled very quickly and allows to create a safe anti-slip surface. AccessBlade is screwed on the ground (wood, wooden terrace, stairs, etc).

AccessBlade is resistant to UV, thermal variations and marine environment.

It is not recommended to walk barefoot on the ground with the blades installed.

Its advantages

  • Excellent value
  • Anti-slip
  • Quick installation
  • Tailor-made solution
  • Recyclable
  • Resistant to thermal variations, UV and marine environment

Technical information

Material stainless steel
Blade dimensions:

  • Width: 25mm
  • Length: on request (standard length: 2,50m)
  • Thickness: 1,5mm
  • Length between the holes: 20mm
  • Holes diameter: 4,5mm
  • Length between fixing screws: 200mm

A4 stainless steel screws supplied

shema lame anti derapante



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Multiple of applications

AccessBlade anti-slip blade can be used on :



And is the ideal solution to secure following areas:

private beach

wooden terrace

stone pathway

wooden access ramp