AccessDeck™ - Premium Plastic Panels

AccessDeck™ - Super strong and non-slippery panel system


AccessDeck™ is a super strong and non-slippery panel system, made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) designed for outdoor needs.

From pedestrians to heavy duty vehicles, AccessDeck™ withstands any type of traffic (handles up to 15 tons per square meter).

The installation and removal process is both quick and easy and requires no more than 2 people to complete the job. A hammer is necessary to install the AccessDeck if the ground is hard. AccessDeck™ can be quickly removed when the touristic season is over.

Key advantages

  • Very strong
  • Reversible: one side for pedestrians,another for vehicles
  • No specific maintenance
  • Modular access
  • Quick installation

Technical informations

  • Color : Sand and Brown
  • Weight / unit : 24 kg
  • Width : 1 m
  • Length 1.50 m
  • Thickness 18 mm
  • Load Capacity 15 Tons / sqm



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Download our accessibility guide built with our partners to help you improve beach accessibility (from car park til water)

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AccessDeck can be adapted to many different configurations thanks to its 10 holes.
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Description - Key Points

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Firm surface

AccessDeck™ is a high quality mat that is engineered to provide ground protection and to facilitate movement for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic accross a large range of, otherwise, unstable surfaces (e.g sand or mud).

High strength:

Each AccessDeck™ handles up to 15 tons. It is designed for large vehicular traffic, which ensures ground protection.


On one side AccessDeck™ offers a wheelchair/pedestrian friendly, non-slip tread design to guarantee a safe and comfortable access way while still providing a traction-resistant surface for vehicles and/or equipment.
The second design is our standard rigid surface that offers additional mat traction to the ground, helping to prevent mat slippage or spin out. This design is specific to larger vehicular traffic (i.e. machine equipment and ATVs).


AccessDeck™ is designed to be UV and impact resistant

Installation and maintenance

Installation of the AccessDeck™ is quick and easy. Panels can be connected in a variety of configurations: pathway, platform, crossroad, etc. We offer 2 types of connectors and spikes to adapt our solution to the specificities of your site. No maintenance is necessary. It is the perfect solution for outdoor events.

Multiple of applications

AccessDeck™ can be used on the following terrains:  







At the following outdoor locations :









Can be connected in a variety of configurations thanks to our connectors. It is designed to create pathways, platforms or crossroads.
We recommend the use of a hammer to pound the spikes into the ground.
Two people can easily install the AccessDeck panels.
AccessDeck™ is designed for large vehicular traffic. Each panel handles up to 15 tons.
AccessDeck™ can be easily cleaned with a pressure water jet when tourist season is over. Store the AccessDeck™ in a safe and clean place until next use.
AccessDeck™ is UV-resistant. It doesn’t retain heat. One side of the panel is designed for pedestrians and people with reduced mobility. AccessDeck™ is comfortable for pedestrians, even for barefoot users.
Our products are highly durable if you follow our maintenance advice. AccessDeck™ is a very strong product.
AccessRec Europe offers a two (2) years warranty starting at the date of your Purchase Order. Please contact us for our details on this warranty.