AccessWood – The innovative wooden grating

AccessWood - The wooden walkway accessible to people with reduced mobility and the disabled

A wooden grating accessible to people with reduced mobility:

The wooden path

AccessWood is a wooden grating which meets the seasonal accessibility needs and respects the landscape integration.

Our wooden grating (treated wood class IV from sustainably managed forests) is designed to withstand outdoor conditions (marine environment, bad weather etc.) and will allow you to easily create access on your sites for pedestrians, people with reduced mobility, families with strollers, etc.

Tailor made cuts available !

AccessWood is the ideal solution both to create beach access and face dunes.

AccessWood meets the expectations of public bodies and private beaches.

Define your project with our team to build the solution adapted to your project.

For easy maintenance (replacement of a batten), we have assembled our batten with 3 polyester straps and A4 class hardware (which resists acidity and salinity). This operation carried out in our workshops in Lorraine guarantees a controlled spacing that meets accessibility standards.

Tailor-made to your project, we can offer you our AccessWood in widths of 0.99m or 1.49. Delivered in modules of 2m maximum length, we guarantee you a quick installation (easy handling with 2 people) and an optimal storage (flat on a pallet - see photo storage AccessWood).

The sections are assembled one to the other with wooden shims which come to be easily screwed after the installation of the whole track. Two people can install a 100m section in one hour.

Key advantages:

  • Easy storage and installation
  • Very easy replacement of the slats
  • Easily scalable
  • UV and salt resistant
  • Aesthetics
  • Made in France
  • Wood from sustainably managed forests

Technical information

  • Standard width : 0.99m or 1.49m
  • Weight per sqm : 12 kilos
  • Use : on sand or grass
  • Color : Brown wood
  • Length : 2m modules easily connectable

Slats dimensions :

  • Length : 990 mm or 1490mm
  • Width : 95 mm
  • Thickness : 21 mm

Section dimensions :

  • Width : 990 mm or 1490 mm for 2 meter long
  • 18 slates per section
  • Thickness : 21 mm

Section link :

  • Sand : exotic wood wedges and screws supplied to connect the sections
  • Grass : U-pins provided to connect the sections



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Download our technical guide to find out more about AccessWood (straps system) design, installation and maintenance

Download our accessibility guide built with our partners to help you improve beach accessibility (from car park til water)

Video of AccessWood !

Description and key points


AccessWood is made of wood (100% pine) which gives it this beautiful natural wood color. It allows you to define an access road on your site while respecting the landscape integration.

Comfortable and safe

The AccessWood grating allows you to create access paths on any type of loose grounds (sand, grass etc.). The controlled intervals between the slats meet the accessibility standards.


AccessWood is an innovative product. If a batten is damaged, it is easy to change it individually. Simply lift the path and unscrew the slat from the strap/beam (depending on the chosen AccessWood version) to replace it. Replacing the slats is very simple, which considerably increases the service life of the AccessWood grating.

Environmentally friendly

The pine used for our gratings comes from sustainably managed forests (PEFC certified). The wooden path allows you to channel the flow of pedestrians in order to avoid damaging your natural spaces.

Installation and Maintenance

AccessWood is available in 1m or 2m long connectable modules (depending on the chosen AccessWood version). Installation is easy and quick. Only a screwdriver is required. Two people can install a 100m section in one hour. AccessWood is easily removable.

Multiple applications

AccessWood gratings can be used on the following surfaces : 




And is ideal for creating accessibility to the following outdoor areas:




Beach bar and restaurant

Park and Garden


AccessWood gratings can be connected together. This allows you to create any length you want.
To connect the AccessWood modules, you need a screwdriver with 8 mm. Installation is very easy.
We do not recommend any vehicular traffic on top of AccessWood as it will shorten the life span of your mat.
You can install and use your AccessWood all year round. Most AccessWood users prefer to use it during the tourist seasons.
Yes, two people can install a 100 meter section in just one hour.
An AccessWood module is composed of slats assembled by straps/ wooden beams (depending on the chosen AccessWood version) fixed by washers, nuts and screws. Only a screwdriver is required to assemble different modules. You can download the assembly guide from our website. This will be provided with your order.
AccessWood can be transported in any conventional vehicle.
Once the season is over, AccessWood can be cleaned with a broom, blower or pressurized water jet.
We recommend that you store it in a safe and clean place.
You can enjoy your AccessWood for many years to come if you follow the recommended maintenance procedures
AccessRec Europe offers a two (2) year limited warranty from the date of purchase on all its products. Some products have a more or less limited warranty. Please contact us for more details.

AccessWood Sand Installation

AccessWood Grass Installation

AccessWood use