Hippocampe® - All Terrain Wheelchair

Hippocampe® - All Terrain Wheelchair


The Hippocampe® Beach & all terrain wheelchair supports you in all your outdoor activities. Versatile and comfortable, it adapts to your leisure activities so you can share moments of relaxation and conviality with your loved ones.

Thanks to its many comfort and leisure options, the Hippocampe® becomes a real asset to cross rough terrains. Enjoy mountain or forest hikes, going for a swim or for a stroll on snow to discover new horizons!

Key advantages

  • Autonomous user
  • Many options available
  • Suitable for any type of ground

Technical information

  • Height : 103 cm (Size L)
  • Length : 190 cm (Size L)
  • Width : 67 cm (Size L)
  • Weight : 17 Kg (Size L)
  • Maximum weight capacity : 130 Kg

Made in France, the beach and all terrain wheelchair is made of stainless materials. The chassis aluminium tubes are treated for sea water and covered with a colored comfort coating which prevents burns from sun- or cold-exposure.

The axles and half-axles are made of stainless steel. The twin tires don’t have ball bearings to avoid seizure due to oxidation  The seat ( property of Vipamat) is made of 3 cm thick hydrophobic foam, making it comfortable and easy to dry, avoiding skin problems.

The fabric covering the seat is treated to be fireproof, as required by the CERAH to be taken into account by social security. The push bar is easily set up and removed thanks to a clip system, enabling people accompanying the user to help them in their travels.


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Description and key features

tout terrain
All Terrain

The Hippocampe®,
is a leisure wheelchair that supports you all year long in all your open-air activities. All terrain able, it rolls on sand, pebbles, hiking trails, and it even slides on snow ! Since 2002, the Hippocampe® beach and all terrain wheelchair enables people with reduced mobility to access terrains that are difficult or even impossible to navigate with a city wheelchair: Beaches, hiking trails, snow covered paths...

Autonomous or accompanied

Autonomous or accompanied, thanks to its pushing bar or its traction kit, the Hippocampe® wheelchair will enable you to discover new horizons.

Comfortable and safe

The seat is made of a thick and comfortable hydrophobic foam, which doesn’t absorb water and dries quickly. Its blue or pink coated tubes are comfortable to the touch as they don’t heat up in the sun.


Its stainless steel chassis absorbs all shocks and has an unlimited lifetime ! The beach and all terrain Hippocampe® is made of rustproof and stainless materials. The chassis tubes are specially treated for sea water.

Design and adaptable

Its young look and modern silhouette will make it your ideal companion. The Hippocampe® has been awarded several prizes for its design.

Light , foldable and portable

Its small size, foldable backrest, removable pushing bar, removable wheels and its weight of 17Kg makes it easily transportable and not cumbersome to store at home or in its transport bag (extra feature)

The different applications

The Hippocampe® can be used on following surfaces: 







It is also perfectly adapted to make these open air zones accessible:




Camping and Festival