Over 300 references in France and over 1000 references in the rest of the world !

Our customers testify

"Accessrec is a key player in France: it is a highly responsive, innovative company. They understand our budget restrictions. Our beaches are equipped with wheelachairs (WaterWheels, TerraWheels and Hippocampe) and pathways such as the AccessMat and AccessDeck. Accessrec is a partner of choice for Fréjus and Saint-Raphaël Municipalities."
st raphael
Saint-Raphaël Municipality (France)
Eric Laguette, Disability and Accessibility Project Leader


accessdeck plaques modulables 05

"We’ve been working with Accessrec for several years because their solutions grant us complete satisfaction. After sales service has been particularly effective."
grau du roi
Le-Grau-du-Roi Municipality (France)
Natural Areas Department
image accessmat 20

"We love the AccessMat and will order more to create a longer access. It is a great solution which creates an access for pedestrians and people with reduced mobility and is also very effective as boat launching ramp."
Dubai Municipality (U.A.E.)


"WaterWheels is the coolest floating wheelchair I’ve used! Access to water is very easy and people can float in the ocean. It’s great to offer this solution in our lifeguard station!"

image waterwheels 12
New Jersey (USA)
Kyle J. Keel
"Thirty years later, it was wonderful for us to see Jeannette blooming again in the sea with the help of WaterWheels floating wheelchair. We have turned the impossible into the possible!” People with reduced mobility can now brighten up their days by going to the beach, to the park or to a lake".

image waterwheels 16
handi surf
New Zealand
Halberg Handisport Charity


"The city of Vancouver in Canada equipped with our AccessMat mats in 2014 and 2015 to improve accessibility to its beaches.” We have had unusually warm temperatures over the past two months and the beaches have been very busy. The installation of your access mats was eagerly awaited by everyone."

image waterwheels 17
Canada – City of Vancouver
Adam, Head of Recreation Department
"Thanks to the support of the Latvian government, the town of Limbazi has equipped itself with a Waterwheels. Anyone with reduced mobility can now enjoy the water recreation offered by this Baltic leisure center."
City of Limbaži

“Our Chilean distributor has equipped several seaside towns with hundreds of meters of our AccessMat and several Waterwheels.”
West Coast

"AccessRec has sold 11 WaterWheels® to hotels and parks on the Cancun coast."
East Coast (Resorts and hotels)


"Ken Parker, resident of Delray Beach contemplates the Atlantic Ocean at South Beach Park located in Boca Raton. This city has equipped the beaches with AccessMat® allowing people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility to access swimming . The mats end in a T-shape facing the ocean, allowing you to enjoy the panorama. Susan Haynie, Mayor of the city, has had only positive testimonials about this installation. "

image accessmat 17
boca raton
USA - Florida –
City of Boca Raton
“The Marriott Frenchman's Cove hotel in St. Thomas has adopted our blue AccessMat®. Several Caribbean resorts have discovered an access mat that is reliable, easy to install and meets comfort standards for people with reduced mobility. Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have also created accessible beaches. "

image waterwheels 06
USA - Virgin Islands


"In 2015, a large national park in San Francisco purchased our AccessMat®. This has allowed easier access to their beach by creating 35 meters of access for people with reduced mobility."
USA – California
National Park
"To welcome people in wheelchairs in 2015 at the ceremony celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park, the authorities have created an access road on the grass with our mats."
USA – Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park


“since 2013, Accessrec has sold over 40 WaterWheels in Australia”

image waterwheels 19
East Coast
"AccessRec has delivered more than 40 WaterWheels® and over a kilometer of AccessMat® to Brazil to facilitate accessibility for people with reduced mobility."

image waterwheels 18
Tourism Office of Pernambuco


"To facilitate access to Lake Michigan and allow everyone to experience the 'Gary Air Show', the town of Gary has created several access routes with our mats."
USA – Indiana
City of Gary

"Improving access to their beach was one of our client's priorities, thanks to AccessMat® we offered them a simple and practical solution."
handi surf
Essex County
"The HANDI-SURF event could not have taken place without AccessRec equipment. Indeed, we allowed 50 people in wheelchairs to access the sea in order to follow the activity as close as possible and no longer from the seafront located about thirty meters away. In my opinion, Accessrec has allowed us to create the most accessible beach in NYC and indeed everywhere else. The most important thing is to allow people with disabilities to smile again! Thank you ! "
handi surf
USA – New York
Life Rolls On & Wheeling Forward Charity