SandFence – Sand fencing system for your beach

Sandfence – removable barrier for your dune

SandFence – Sand fencing system for your beach


You can create an artificial barrier on your beach using SandFence. It is a great solution to:

  • Keep sand off pathways, roads, neighbouring buildings, etc
  • Reduce wind speed at the ground
  • Trap wind blowing sand
  • Rebuild and protect dunes
  • Avoid erosion
SandFence must be installed perpendicular to the prevailing wind. You can anchor SandFence to the ground using wooden poles. Combined with the AccessMat, SandFence is an ideal solution to delimit your access on the beach or dune. By creating a pathway, natural areas are preserved from pedestrian traffic. SandFence is not only designed for beaches. It is a great fencing system for snow and can be used to delimit ski slopes.




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Technical information:


  • Length: 15m or 30m
  • Height: 0,9m
  • Weight: 255g/sqm
  • Color: sand
  • Material: HDPE
  • Resistance: 10 kg/sqcm


  • Does not require a trench
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Reinforced top and bottom to avoid tearing
  • Great value
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable

Description – key points

Aesthetically pleasing:

SandFence is sand color so it blends in with the landscape (beach or dunes). It is also great for ski slopes.


Sandfence is the most affordable solution on the market, if you compare to replacement and maintenance costs of other solutions.

Durable and lightweight:

SandFence is very durable. It is made from HDPE. Top and bottom of SandFence are reinforced to avoid any risk of fraying. Unlike woven solutions, SandFence has a knitted surface. In case of tear, it won’t be completely destroyed.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

SandFence is an eco-friendly solution which meets environmental standards. It is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. It is safe for wildlife and aquatic environments.

Installation and maintenance:

You can easily cut the SandFence in order to adapt it to existing installations. You can anchor SandFench without a trench thanks to is patented anchoring system. It requires low maintenance.

The different applications

The SandFence barrier can be used on:



Work in an aquatic environment

Video of the SandFence

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