TerraWheels - beach access for all

Beach wheelchair


The beach wheelchair TerraWheels is specifically designed for the travel of people with reduced mobility (PMR, elderly people) on soft grounds which are hardly accessible (access to sand, grass, snow, forest roads.

Its four balloons wheels facilitate the escort of the user to fully enjoy walk joys on the beach.

Its safety harness makes TerraWheels a safe beach wheelchair. It prevents falls while walking on soft grounds. Users can enjoy walk joys on any type of ground thanks to the stability and comfort of beach wheelchair. Composed by 5 spare parts, it can be easily assembled and disassembled without any tool facilitating its transport and maintenance.

TerraWheels has been designed to provide users ideal outdoor sensations. TerraWheels is suitable for every wheelchair users, people with reduced mobility or elderly people.

Key advantages

  • Easy storage and installation
  • Comfortable
  • Very good stability on sand
  • Very good manoeuvrability
  • Easy transport : foldable
  • Easy to store (5 parts)
  • Guaranteed security
  • Quick maintenance
  • Easy to install <2 minutes without any tool
  • 3 different seating positions : comfortable
  • Width adapted to doors

Technical information :

  • Height : 117 cm
  • Seat height: 52cm
  • Length : 120 cm
  • Width : 80 cm
  • Weight capacity: 115kg
  • Weight: 40 kg



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Download our accessibility guide built with our partners to help you improve beach accessibility (from car park til water)

Video of the TerraWheels !

Both its axle made of stainless steel and its aluminium frame are designed to :

  • Absorb schocks on uneven surfaces
  • Withstand the weight of passenger for repeated use.

Our backrest made of a water and UV resistant fabric is designed to provide superior comfort.

TerraWheels user must be buckeld up in the chair and escorted by an able-bodied adult at all times (TerraWheels is provided with a traction handle at the back).

Weighing only 40 kilos, TerraWheels accomodates all users from children to elderly people. This beach weelchair designed for people with reduced mobility is simply the highest quality beach wheelchair for the most affordable price !

Description and key points

Comfortable and safe

Enjoy the comfort of your TerraWheels ! TerraWheels has been designed for the well-being of our clients. Accessrec offers different accessories for greater comfort : a stow-away pocket at the back, a cupholder and a space to insert a parasol.


Its frame is made of aluminium to absorb the schocks and will have a long service life. Made with a UV and sea water resistant fabric, the backrest provides superior comfort while sun bathing and floating.


TerraWheels is easily assembled and disassembled in a few minutes. The installation of TerraWheels doesn’t require any particular tool. TerraWheels is delivered in 5 spare parts (four wheels and a frame) and can be folded for faster storage.

3 positions
3 positions

Our beach wheelchair offers 3 different seating positions to enjoy the beach in the most comfortable seating position.


TerraWheels comes with a safety belt to meet every customers needs.

The different applications

TerrWheels can be used on the following terrains :






And works great in the following outdoor areas :






Forests / Pathways



Precaution of use :

TerraWheels is not designed for use in bad weather. Our TerraWheels beach wheelchair is ideal to facilitate accessibility to soft grounds. Users should be escorted by an accompanying person for each use. For greater safety, we recommend that users wear the safety belt.

Do not use the spare parts of TerraWheels for any other use than the one that it is intended for. Do not use TerraWheels to carry anything else than the user.

TerraWheels was designed to offer a comfort and stability on use. For greater safety, we recommend that you wear a safety belt for each use.


If you follow our maintenance procedure, TerraWheels should last many years.
Please contact Accessrec Europe if you need to purchase spare parts.
TerraWheels is offered in one size. However, users can range from children to elderly.
We recommend that you store TerraWheels in a clean and safe place like a garage or rescue station.
If you use TerraWheels in a marine environment, we recommend that you rinse under fresh water to clean off sand, salt, chlorine and any dirt. TerraWheels is rust free but if it is not maintained properly, rust will appear.
TerraWheels is composed by 4 wheels and a frame. Assembly is quick and easy. TerraWheels can be assembled quickly (in less than 5 minutes and without any tool).
TerraWheels allows people with reduced mobility or elderly people to walk on soft grounds on which a traditional wheelchair cannot circulate : sand, grass, gravel etc.
No. Users will always be accompanied by an adult who will push its user.
AccessRec Europe offers a two (2) years limited warranty from the date of purchase covering defects in materials or workmanship as to the wheelchair frame only. All exceptions to this warranty are listed below. The limited two (2) years warranty does not include the cover seat material, armrests, or tires. All limitations of the warranty will be assessed by AccessRec Europe.

The two (2) limited warranty does not cover damage to the wheelchair frame due to:

• Normal wear and tear;
• Improper care, operation, maintenance or storage of the wheelchair;
• An accident or natural disaster;
• Modifications that have been made to the wheelchair without written consent of AccessRec Europe; and/or
• Repairs that have been made without written consent of AccessRec Europe.

This warranty does not cover any labor or shipping charges that may be required if a wheelchair frame needs to be replaced or repaired. For any services that are needed under this warranty, please contact your distributor. If you are not satisfied with the conditions provided or repairs that have been made, please contact AccessRec Europe directly. Products may not be returned without consent from AccessRec Europe. The one (1) year limited warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only.

TerraWheels assembly