Romy – Beach cabin for all

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The beach changing room for all

Romy: beach cabin accessible for all

Beach Cabin Romy

Romy is a beach cabin which allows everyone to change in the open. Designed for people with disabilities, it meets the needs of a wide public.

It is equipped with a mirror, a seat, grab bars and coat hangers. The Romy beach cabin is a practical, economic and removable solution.

It can easily be dismantled at the end of the summer season. The cabin is supplied with a base and its specific anchors. It is possible to install it on sand or other soft ground using a wooden or concrete base.

Important: It is impossible for a person with reduced mobility to change on the beach. A cabin is necessary to allow people in wheelchairs or elderly people to dress and undress.


Key - advantages

  • Easy installation and removal (1 to 2 people)
  • Ensured private space
  • Economic beach cabin
  • Available in several colors: white, yellow, grey, green, red, blue
  • Lockable from the outside
  • Meets accessibility standards
  • Resistant to strong winds and UV rays
  • Requires little maintenance

Technical information for beach cabin with flat roof

  • Profiled and extruded PVC. Assembled and reinforced with wood or aluminum to hold the hinge
  • Inner dimensions: 150cm wide x 200cm deep x 245/225cm height
  • Exterior dimensions : 158cm x 208cm x 50/230cm height
  • Door width: 90cm
  • Base: stainless steel or aluminum
  • Closing: "Free/occupied”
  • Interior color: white
  • Exterior color: white, yellow, grey, green, red, blue, wood
  • Resistance: marine environment, strong wind, UV
  • Equipment: interior grab bars, mirror, seat, coat hangers



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